Valuing Life

Bilim Pharmaceuticals

Bilim Pharmaceuticals Adds Value to Life

Founded in 1953, Bilim Pharmaceuticals, in line with its mission as a "well-established" company, attaches importance to people and human health, adopts quality as a philosophy of life, is open to continuous development, uses advanced technology, produces at international standards, is customer-oriented and develops economical products.

Stable and balanced growth

Bilim Pharmaceuticals is one of the top five companies with the highest sales in three of the top five segments (antibiotics, respiratory system, muscle and skeletal system medicines). Of the 480 licensed medicines of Bilim Pharmaceuticals, approximately 200 licensed products are actively on the market.

Customer Orientation

Focusing on customer satisfaction, Bilim Pharmaceuticals carries out its sales and marketing activities in 11 regions across Turkey with 8 different teams and nearly 1,000 field employees, and continues its efforts to add value to human health at every point in Turkey.


Importance given to development

The center operates with modern technology, technological and sensitive laboratory equipment, laboratory information automation, and an R&D pilot production facility at FDA standards. Established with a USD 15 million investment, the R&D center prepares generic versions of patent pending original medicines for the market.

Bilim Pharmaceuticals and R&D

The basis of research and development activities is the value Bilim Pharmaceuticals places on quality and people.


Power from Innovation

Bilim Pharmaceuticals ensures its steady and balanced growth by being open to continuous development and by introducing new products to its portfolio. According to 2022 data, Bilim Pharmaceuticals ranks second in the Turkish market, where 753 different companies are present. Among 223 companies in its markets, it is the leading company in terms of physicians' (prescription) preferences and box ranking. Of the 480 licensed medicines of Bilim Pharmaceuticals, approximately 200 licensed products are actively on the market.

Strong Sales and Marketing Team

Developing products that add value to life with 8 different teams and nearly 1,000 field employees in 11 regions across Turkey, Bilim Pharmaceuticals provides services in different therapeutic areas and has been carrying out sales and marketing activities with its strong field staff since 1953.

Good Manufacturing Practices

At Bilim Pharmaceuticals, which has a wide range of products, production is carried out at the Gebze Production Facility, Çerkezköy Penicillin Production Facility and Sterile Liquid Production Facility. Designed in accordance with FDA standards, the Gebze Production Facility started operations in 2008. The facility produces products in solid, liquid and semi-solid forms. Commissioned in 1998, our Çerkezköy Penicillin Production Facility produces penicillin products in solid form. In 2019, we produce Nebul Inhaler products in solution and suspension form in our Sterile Liquid Products Production Facility, which was approved by the Ministry of Health and started its activities.

Wide Product Portfolio

Bilim Pharmaceuticals has a comprehensive product portfolio that includes products for health problems in ophthalmology, endocrine and metabolism, gastrointestinal system, respiratory system, urogenital system, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system and dermatology, as well as a wide range of systemic antibiotics.

Career at Bilim

We aim to create a corporate culture that is committed to our values, aiming to realize the loyalty and happiness of our employees at the highest level.